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Christian Astrology by William Lilly

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Well, as you can see from my last post, I delved into astrology again. I was looking at transits to my natal horoscope and trying to determine what factors were relevant to my chart. I’m hoping the effects of some the recent transits to my horoscope are dwindling away. I still feel somewhat hermit-y, but a little more energized. It’s probably due to it being summer and me getting enough sun this time of year, oh, and also the fact that my solar return is coming up (astrology speak for “birthday”). I don’t really celebrate my birthday much, but supposedly the solar return horoscope is supposed to determine what the year ahead is going to be like for me.

So, I’ve been studying astrology – again. Lucky me, I found an old astrology text four weeks ago at the used bookstore – Christian Astrology by William Lilly. I don’t think the bookstore realized how priceless that book is to the right person. The copy the bookstore had, and which I subsequently bought, is the third edition published in 1985 by Regulus Publishing Co. Ltd. in leather hardcover binding. Christian Astrology was originally published in 1647, with a second edition in 1659. While Christian Astrology may be available from astrology publishers as three separate books, I don’t believe anyone has published it as one volume since 1985 by Regulus Publishing. The one volume publication consists of the three books, the first being an introduction to astrology, the second dealing with horary astrology, and the third dealing with how to interpret the natal horoscope (including progressions, transits, and revolutions). This text is the text to read for the serious astrology student who is more interested in classical astrology rather than modern day astrology. Modern day astrology tends to be more concerned with psychoanalysis while classical astrology is more predictive. Classical astrology is more complex than modern day astrology, and William Lilly attempted to clarify this complex art. From this perspective, Christian Astrology is a wonderfully in-depth read compared to modern astrology texts. This book will change your mind about many things in astrology. I’ve only just started reading book three of Christian Astrology (I read book one already, and plan to go back to book two for the horary astrology), but I’m sure I will be referring to this book often as I continue with my astrology studies.


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