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One down, many more to go…

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Yay! I finished reading book seven of The Wheel of Time. I had read half of the book, then put it down for awhile. I decided to go back to it the past two weeks and finish it. I don’t think I’m starting book eight, The Path of Daggers, just yet as I might read some other novels first. I think I might actually start Gravity’s Rainbow first. I also want to read the first book in a series by Joel Shepherd. It’s called Crossover, which is a ‘Cassandra Kresnov novel’. Cassandra Kresnov is a “synthetic person” designed to be a soldier. Hm… interesting. Reminding me of the TV series, Dark Angel, except with an artificial life-form. I also started reading a very humourous vampire love story called You Suck by Christopher Moore. The first chapter is called ‘Get Over It, a Lot of People are Dead’. The first line in the book reads ‘You bitch, you killed me! You suck!”‘ Yeah, you know you want to read the rest now. Go on, go get the book. What this vampire couple does with an overweight, fluffy cat is quite a chuckle.

Okay, now, back to more reading and maybe some much needed rest.


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