Gym day – running and minimal weights

I just returned from the gym and had a nice shower. 🙂

Managed to survive just over 11 minutes at 7 mph (including short stops) on the treadmill. Pretty good so far. As mentioned earlier, my foot was hurting me so it was making the running a little difficult. Also, my hamstring felt like hyperextending on me so I had to stop and let my hamstring calm down. Overall, I feel pretty good. Energized. It’s good to get some air into my lungs. My total running distance today was about 1.1 miles.

After, I did some weight training. Because of my knee, I always have to do the leg press to strengthen up my quads and hamstrings. Also, because I have a shifty left kneecap, the leg press helps me to stablilize it by strengthening the appropriate side of the quads. Also did a bunch of other weight and conditioning exercises.

Here’s a list:

Hamstring flexor
Hip adductors
Hip abductors
Pull-ups (both military style and fists together parallel)
Dips (works the triceps)
Shoulder fly (works the medial deltoids and anterior deltoids)
Shoulder lifts overhead (works the anterior deltoids and the medial deltoids)
Tricep extensions
Bicep curls
Shoulder extensions (arms in front)
Leg lifts (lift to center, right, center, left)
Stomach curls (machine, better than doing sit-ups if you have back issues)
Push-ups (always try to do 100 in some variety)

Of course, I stretched out a bit before I leave for the day. Flexibility is very important in taekwondo as it helps make those fancy high kicks easier to do. 😉

So, that was my workout today. I didn’t do a full weight training workout. I’m thinking with the running, I might have to cycle in the other machines so I don’t have to do full weight training all the time. Might be too tiring at first.

Okay, I have got to run. I promised to help some people set up for tonight.

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