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Trail run – 10k route (Sunday, August 14)

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Sunday, Nathan accompanied me on a trail run. (He said he was going to run the 10k with me. :)) While, I wasn’t intending to run the whole trail (it was close to 10k), we did a good amount of running for the first half of it. The main purpose of the run on Sunday was to check out the trail first.

This is the route we did.

1. Starting from our place on Isabella St. near Sherbourne, head west on Isabella to Jarvis.
2. Go north on Jarvis to Bloor St.
3. West on Bloor St. to Park Rd.
4. North, then east on Park Rd. to Rosedale Valley Rd.
5. Turn right onto Rosedale Valley Rd. to Bayview Ave. (follow the bike trail).
6. North on Bayview Ave. to Pottery Rd. (follow the bike trail to Pottery Rd. only; bike trail continues north so look for the green sign to turn onto Pottery Rd.)
7. East on Pottery Rd. (uphill the whole road) to Broadview Ave. (intersection is Broadview and Mortimer)
8. South on Broadview Ave. to Danforth Ave.
9. West from Danforth Ave. via Prince Edward Viaduct to Sherbourne St.
10. South on Sherbourne to Linden St. (a short side street a block before Isabella St.)
11. Follow Linden St. to Huntley St.
12. South on Huntley St. back to Isabella St. and head home.

The bulk of the running we did was on Rosedale Valley Road, Bayview and a short run up Pottery Road. By the time we got to Pottery Road, I was getting a bit tired, but I felt good. It’s good to get fresh air (as fresh as you can ever find in Toronto) in my lungs. I timed the distance from Park Rd. and Rosedale Valley Rd. to Broadview and Mortimer. It took us just under 45 minutes, but that was because we had to walk part of the way. That was fine with me though. I had some chicken noodle soup before stretching up to go run (a good half hour before, but for me it’s usually better if I eat about 2 hours before, but I couldn’t run on a completely empty stomach), so that probably slowed me down a bit. Also, Sunday was an endurance run. I wasn’t going to push myself too hard on the long distance yet. It was good to get a feel for how long 10km would be.

After we got back, we determined what the total distance was. It was about 9.6 km, so going to add something to the route and change one thing. After we come up Pottery Rd., we will continue East on Mortimer to Jackman, then go south on Jackman to Danforth. From there we will continue west on Danforth and across the Viaduct to get to Bloor. Instead of going on Bloor to Sherbourne, we will continue one more block to Huntley, then head south on Huntley to Isabella and home. At the beginning of the route, we will go from Isabella to Church, then north on Church to Park Rd. to Rosedale Valley Rd. The main part of the route stays the same. Rosedale Valley Rd. to Bayview to Pottery Rd.

After getting back, we did some conditioning exercises. Situps, pushups, back strethening, and then some stretching to soothe our muscles. (Then of course, we ate! Hehe… pasta with home-made bolognese sauce!)

Well, today is gumdo and taekwondo class, so I have to run. I’ll be back later with the distances calculated for the routes.

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  1. […] I’m pleased that I was able to go through with the test after running a 10k. I’m happy about my performance on the run. When I read my first post about the 10k run, I recall how I wasn’t so sure if I would even like running. I tried it when I was younger and just couldn’t remain disciplined enough to keep training. Maybe it was because this time I had a goal and a purpose for running. I suppose I couldn’t run if it was just for running – the running had a purpose. Running has improved my abilities as a martial artist by increasing my cardio, strength, and endurance. I finished the 10k run in about 1 hour 11 minutes – this is pretty good for someone who doesn’t run for sport or competitively. I can also run 5.7 km in 35 minutes which is a definite improvement when before it took me 45 minutes to cover 5.5 km both walking and running (see my previous post on the trail run.) And I daresay, I showed my cynical side something – I actually like running now! There are days when I will want the run because it feels good to be outside with fresh air and sunshine. I always feel better after a run. […]

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