Trail run distances

Here are the distances for the route Nathan and I did on Sunday, August 14:

1. Starting from our place on Isabella St. near Sherbourne, head west on Isabella to Jarvis.
2. Go north on Jarvis to Bloor St.
3. West on Bloor St. to Park Rd.

Total distance for the above is 0.8 km.

4. North, then east on Park Rd. to Rosedale Valley Rd. (0.3 km)
5. Turn right onto Rosedale Valley Rd. to Bayview Ave. (follow the bike trail; 2.1 km).
6. North on Bayview Ave. to Pottery Rd. (follow the bike trail to Pottery Rd. only; bike trail continues north so look for the green sign to turn onto Pottery Rd.)
7. East on Pottery Rd. (uphill the whole road) to Broadview Ave. (intersection is Broadview and Mortimer)

Total distance for #6 and #7 is 3.4 km.

8. South on Broadview Ave. to Danforth Ave. (0.8 km)
9. West from Danforth Ave. via Prince Edward Viaduct to Sherbourne St. (1.6 km)
10. South on Sherbourne to Linden St. (a short side street a block before Isabella St.; 0.2 km)
11. Follow Linden St. to Huntley St. (0.2 km)
12. South on Huntley St. back to Isabella St. and head home. (0.3 km)

Total distance is 9.7 km.

Here is the new route with the distances:

1. From our place on Isabella St., west to Church St. (0.5 km)
2. North on Church St. to Park Rd. (0.5 km)
3. North-east on Park Rd. to Rosedale Valley Rd. (0.2 km)

The next few parts of the route is the same as #5, 6, and 7 above.
4. Down Rosedale Valley Rd. to Bayview Ave. (2.1 km)
5. North on Bayview Ave. to Pottery Rd, then up Pottery Rd. to Broadview and Mortimer. (3.4 km)

The additions to the route include Jackman and Huntley streets.
6. Continue east along Mortimer to Jackman, 1 block. (0.2 km)
7. South on Jackman to Danforth Ave. (0.8 km)
8. West on Danforth Ave., the Viaduct, and Bloor St. to Huntley St. (2.3 km)
9. South on Huntley to Isabella St. and home (0.5 km)

Total distance is 10.5 km.

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