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Trail run (August 21)

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Nathan and I went on the trail run today. We got to Broadview and Mortimer in about 45 minutes, which isn’t so bad. We ran most of the way at a slow pace, dropping to a fast walk only every so often. We managed to run most of Rosedale Valley Rd. and got to Bayview in about 20 minutes from our place. Pottery Rd. was of course especially challenging. I did manage to run the majority of it. I think I walked for maybe a minute of it. By the time I got to the intersection, my stomach was feeling crunched.

We ended up walking all the way back from Broadview and Mortimer following the route I created previously (see previous post on trail run). I think we did quite a bit of a workout today so I didn’t think we needed to run all the way yet. Eventually, this route should be a nice decent workout for us. For the most part, I’m trying to run a bit further each time with little need to slow down to walking.

In total, Nathan and I were out for almost an hour and a half. So our time for the route is getting better.

This week, we should get in two track days and one trail run. I’m starting to look forward to my runs now. My muscles feel good from them and they seem to miss the workout when I don’t run. My knee also feels good from the running – surprise! My knee tends to hurt more from the pivoting on my feet in taekwondo kicking than the running which does not require any pivoting. Running is said to improve cartilage damage in the knee joint (i.e., meniscus tears). As long as proper form is maintained, runner’s knee should not occur. (Runner’s knee is the medical condition where the kneecap/patella rubs against the end of the thigh bone/femur.) So, I look forward to the next track day.

Tonight and tomorrow, I get to rest. 🙂 I think I deserve it.

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