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Do jang and gym day (August 25)

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Wednesday (August 24) I only went to patterns class. I was feeling a bit tired and had to do an errand, so didn’t stay for the next taekwondo class which was mostly kicking. I was planning to go to the gym and do some weights, but my errand ran a little longer than expected, so I just ended up going home.

Today (August 25), I managed to make it to gumdo class. I was a little late but got to take at least half the class. Tried learning the 2nd sword pattern, but not enough time in class to learn it properly. Fridays are good days for that, but this Friday I won’t be able to make it (prior obligations). After, I took the taekwondo class which was of course lots of kicking. I was a little tired to begin with, but was starting to feel better by the end of class. I wasn’t feeling exhausted which is good.

So, I decided that I should go to the gym today. Nathan decided to take a break from the running as his leg muscle is a little sore, so I did a half mile run on the treadmill instead of going to the track. I managed to run a half mile (800m) in 4 minutes 28 seconds, which is pretty good so far. If I wasn’t already tired from taekwondo, I think I would have tried for a mile. Eventually, I would like to run 2 miles easy. Though, I’m finding I’m not liking the treadmill as much as the track or the road for running. The treadmill is actually TOO soft for my knee. I feel as if my knee wants to hyperextend which is not good. It’s because the treadmill is designed to absorb impact, but it seems to be absorbing too much impact for me. It’s almost as if my feet sink into the treadmill with each step. The track and the road are good because they are firm, so my feet doesn’t sink in and doesn’t make my knee feel like hyperextending. It’s basically resistance training for my knee while I’m running which is what my knee needs. With the good running shoes I bought, I hardly feel the track or the road when I’m running.

After the treadmill, I did some weight training. Here’s a list of the weight exercises I did (see one of my previous posts to see what muscles some of these exercises work):

Leg press
Hamstring flexor
Chest press (similar to push-ups, but sitting up using a machine)
Bar pull (works the rhomboids, the muscles on the back between the shoulder blades/scapulae)
Pectoral flexor
Shoulder fly
Shoulder lift overhead
Tricep extensions
Bicep curls

As I got to the gym a little late, I ran out of time to do more weight exercises but it was just as well as I was feeling the fatigue of the past week and half. If I recall, I did get to the gym last Thursday (August 18) and did a whole circuit of weight exercises. It felt good, but made gumdo class a bit harder the next day.

Tomorrow, I probably should take a day off and rest a bit. Saturday, Nathan and are going to do some more running. Hopefully, his leg feels a bit better. As for me, my leg muscles are sufficiently sore, but getting stronger, so they feel good. 😀

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