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Music by Hungry Lucy

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“If only we could show them, we do not wish them harm
Instead we’d like to live life inside each other’s open arms”

In the Circle – Hungry Lucy, lyrics by Christa Belle

Okay, it’s been a really long time since I listened to anything new. I was getting tired of listening to the same ol’ stuff on local radio stations. So, I stopped listening altogether and just browsed New Age music on occasion at a local New Age bookstore. That proved relatively successful for over that time I came across Robert Gass and On Wings of Song and an interesting group called Dagda, named after the Celtic father deity. I probably did that for about 5 years, partly because I could not get online and download music fast enough and I certainly could not tune into online radio stations. Not until this past year.

While surfing the net one day, my boyfriend came across a pagan radio station called Circle of Souls Pagan Radio. It was playing pretty decent music, so one day I decided I should have a listen while I went about my usual business. Then I heard it, a really cool pagan song with amazing lyrics and drums to match. It was Hungry Lucy’s song, In the Circle (see link above). The lyrics are amazing and really tune (excuse the pun) into the heart of a pagan/witch. While I only took a small quote out of the song for the intro to this blog entry, one really can’t quite convey the deep meaning in that song by pulling out just a piece of it. So, here’s some blatant promotion. In the Circle needs to be heard to be understood. And for those not interested in the original slow paced version, there are a few dance versions around.

In the Circle aside, other notable songs by Hungry Lucy include Blue Dress (originally a Depeche Mode song, Hungry Lucy used it as a tribute to Depeche Mode and the song opened up the music industry for Hungry Lucy), Bound in Blood, and Grave.

Their latest CD is To Kill A King featuring the song by the same name. To Kill A King like all of Hungry Lucy’s songs has excellent lyrics. The songs on the CD all form a complete story. (Sorry, you’ll have to buy the CD to read the short story.) However, the one thing that intrigues me about To Kill A King is the pagan theme hidden in the song. The true power behind the King is the Queen, the living representative of the goddess. As in some mythologies, the King is allowed to reign due to his tie to the sovereign goddess. Without it, he cannot be as powerful. In the end, when the Queen leaves is when the King’s power is diminished and drained. As Christa Belle sings, “I’m so glad I knew how to kill the King, I tore down the boundaries and took off the ring; to reap what you sow is how it should be, there’s no one left on the throne…” The King is metaphorically killed as his power leaves with the Queen.

Hungry Lucy is labelled “intoxicating trip-pop music with enchanting female vocals” and indeed it is, with a bit of the sweetness in Christa Belle’s voice. The music also has meaning. For me, that was a big plus. In today’s society where it seems things, especially music, are losing meaning, Hungry Lucy is a pleasant discovery. Give it a listen.

Hungry Lucy is currently on tour in the U.S. and are popular in Europe, particularly France and Germany. I believe they are signed on with the German label Alfa Matrix. Hopefully their popularity grows so that the Canadian radio stations pick them up too.

Okay, end of blatant promotion of a band I think is truly amazing.

Just a few last words courtesy of Christa Belle:

“Be with me in the circle, you’re always welcome here
It’s safer in the circle, but do not bring your fear
I’ll meet you in the circle within your own good time
I’ll be here in the circle forever with you intertwined”

In the Circle – Hungry Lucy, lyrics by Christa Belle

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