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Track running (Tuesday, August 30)

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I was feeling a little lethargic for some reason, (I’m attributing it to the weather), so I was surprised to find that last night I felt like running anyway.

Didn’t do that well though. I just felt sooo slow, so only did 4 laps in total on the track. First, Nathan and I did one lap together, then we were to do two more laps together. Nathan and I ran the next lap together, but then I decided to stop and take a break and wait for him to finish. After, I tried a fast lap around once. Though I was feeling bloated, I still did the lap in less than 2 minutes. I decided to try a half mile (2 laps), but only managed to do one more lap. I was feeling tired and bloated all day. I think I ate too much all day and did not go to the do jang because I wanted a break to do other things. So, I just didn’t feel like I had any energy to even run. Nathan and I always walk to the track and back (Sherbourne to Bathurst), so we do get lots of exercise even if we don’t run alot. Guess all that really matters is that I still ran.

Hopefully, I do a better run on Thursday. Tomorrow, I should definitely go to taekwondo.

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