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As for Facebook…

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Further to the blog entry just before this one, I have concluded that there is no point waiting any longer to be free of Facebook. Here are a few articles I found today regarding how to actually delete Facebook, not just deactivate, but to really delete it (I feel it is my duty to let my readers know).

First, read “Why Is It So Hard to Delete Your Facebook Account?”.

Next, is an interesting article from the Economist about one person’s experience with Facebook called “Fleeing Facebook”. As a point of interest, “No, the final straw was a new algorithm deployed by the site’s Live Feed feature that selected news stories based on the number of times the item had been noted by others. The result was a flood of garbage that could not be controlled. More than anything, it said the folks at Facebook just don’t get what user-control is all about.” Yup, thought so, it explains why I wasn’t getting a variety of news on all my friends, and you thought Facebook was supposed to help you keep in touch with everyone. Nope, only the attention wh*res were coming up on my newsfeed. I really wanted to give all my friends an equal chance of keeping in touch with me. I just hope no one is offended that I never commented on their newsfeeds that I probably never saw. It really is Facebook’s fault. Read the comment afterwards by “kid dingo”. Great news!

Finally, a tiny article that should make some people do “the dance of joy” – “”Sweaty” Zuckerberg defends Facebook”. Karma really is after his hide.


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