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Gym day – running and weight training

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Today, I decided to run to the gym and then do some weight training.

It’s been a good week since I did any running and about 3 days since I had any exercise. The break was good for me, though it was a bit hard running and exercising today.

The run to the gym was a little more than 1 km. I didn’t run straight there but added some more distance hoping to make it a mile, but as it turned out it was a few kilometres shy of a mile. I ran to the gym in 7 minutes 48 seconds.

At the gym, I did a full weight training program. Here’s a list of the weight exercises:

Leg press
Hamstring flexor
Hip adductors
Hip abductors
Pull-ups (again military and parallel)
Chest press
Bar pulls (works the muscles next to the scapulae on the back)
Pectoral press
Shoulder fly
Shoulder lift
Bicep curl
Back extensor
Tricep extensor
Abdominal curls
Leg lifts

Afterwards I did my standard 100 pushups which were harder today because I felt so bloated and much of doing pushups relies on maintaining a tight stomach. Being bloated definitely does not help. I also did 20 finger pushups while maintaining a horizontal split position, using only half my weight. My fingers are not that strong yet, surprisingly, so I needed to reduce the weight or I wouldn’t be able to do those pushups yet. (Hm… maybe I’ll be able to break a board using the spear finger…)

Next, of course, I did some stretches which always feel good. I hate having a stiff body. Energy just feels so inhibited when the body is stiff. Stretching out the body on a regular basis allows energy to flow easily throughout the body. Think about those Tai Chi grandmasters and you can see the difference.

Finally, after that workout, I decided to run (not walk) back home. I ran straight from the gym back home. It’s 1 km and I manage to do that in 7 minutes 7 seconds after tiring my muscles out at the gym. So, I’m happy. I ran to the gym, did some weights, and ran back. It’s a good way for me to get running in and build up endurance.

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