Do jang day and some running

Finally, got into the do jang today! Spent so much time doing some writing this week that I didn’t make it into the do jang all week and didn’t get much running in either.

So, went to gumdo class and got to practice my patterns and do some paired sparring drills.

Afterwards, I headed home then Nathan and I went for a run. We ran up to Yonge and Church, then walked back. The total distance on the route we took was about 1.35 km, not quite 1 mile, which we ran in 8 minutes 19 seconds. Our speed is improving.

I think next I will have to push my speed again and try to run 1.5 miles or 3 km easy (1 mile = 1.6 km).

Hm, I’m starting to like running more. Some days I miss it when I haven’t ran.

Next week, hopefully I’ll get in more training (gumdo, taekwondo, running)

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