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Street running

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I went for another small run today. Same route as last time, roughly 1 mile. My time for this run was 8 minutes 1 second. I was lucky – I made all the lights so didn’t have run in the spot and wait. That pretty much explains the time. Saved 1 minute or more not having to wait for the lights to change.

I think that if I can keep this up for the next week or so (running 1 mile as a warm-up), I should be able to push this to 1.5 miles as a warm-up. But I’ll see how the rest of my week goes.

Tonight I have gumbo class and I should try to take taekwondo. Sunday night, I whacked my tail bone on the armrest of the couch and it’s sore and bruised so I’m not sure if I can do situps tonight in class. I suppose though I should just try to do all the kicking. I need it. Just hope my knee doesn’t give up on me.

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