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G20 Aftermath: Some more articles…

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“Freed From 629 Eastern Avenue, G20 Detainees Speak”

Fenton remarks that he and others were “imprisoned not for breaking the law but for disagreeing with the police.” Ghomeshi echoes this, saying: “we were criminalized for our activism. We should be encouraged to demonstrate peacefully.” She’s ready to talk about what she experienced, and lays out a challenge for her fellow Torontonians, and for people across the country: “Are we going to stay silent and condone this? I know what we”—those in the room on Sunday night—”will do, but what will Canadians do?”

“Conditions for detainees at 629 Eastern Avenue are illegal, immoral and dangerous”

Even if I agree (and obviously I don’t) to the police’s justifications of their deplorable and illegal actions over the weekend, it’s even more disgusting that they couldn’t even give these people blankets, medicine, more than a few cheese buns, more than a couple of dixie cups of water, and the list goes on. We know the budget they got for security measures. Where is the money?

“G20-related mass arrests unique in Canadian history”

Police said the 77 CCTV cameras set up for the G20 will be taken down – it’s just not clear when.

Police still have information about upcoming protests, said Integrated Security Unit spokesman Constable Rodney Petroski.

“When they’re confident the security risk is over, the cameras will come down.”

All things considered, do they really think we should believe that they’re going to take them down? The security threat is over, the G20 is over, stop making excuses.

“Outraged protesters rally against police”

“I’m pissed off about what is happening in my city,” said Klein, who accused police officials of “using the G20 summit as their personal ATM.”

“Your bosses got caught with their hands in the cookie jar,” she said, citing the far lower security costs for previous G8/G20 summits.

“Stop playing politics and public relations with our friends’ lives and let them go!”

Jason Jensen, 23, said he went to the rally because he was offended by police actions over the weekend.

“The police broke the law,” he said. “They’re supposed to take the hits and retaliate if need be. They’re not supposed to take pre-emptive strikes.”

“Police defend crowd trap at Queen and Spadina”

The decision to box people into the Queen St. and Spadina Ave. intersection Sunday evening was made after police saw protesters believed to be part of the so-called Black Bloc, police said.

Two words to describe how I feel about “kettling” being used this weekend on innocent people with no clear indication that there were Black Bloc present – “morally reprehensible”.

“Confusion rife at G20 bail court”

The cases of Leah Henderson, Amanda Hiscocks, Peter Hopperton and Alex Hundert, among the 14 accused of being associates of the Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance or S.O.A.R, were put over to July 6.

Howard Morton, lawyer for three of the 14, objected when matters were delayed because, he charged, too few justices of the peace were made available by the judiciary.

Speaking about family members of the accused who had come to bail out his three clients but were sent home two days running because of delays, he said: “This is their first exposure to the criminal justice system and they don’t like what they see. “


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