Training update – running and do jang

Wednesday, October 12

I ran to the gym. It’s 1 km to the gym from home. My time was 5 minutes 24 seconds. I’m keeping track of the wait time at the traffic lights now so I get a better idea of my time over distance. At the gym, I did some weight training since I hadn’t done some in awhile.

Leg press
Hamstring flexor
Hip adductors
Hip abductors
Pull-ups (again military and parallel)
Chest press
Bar pulls (works the muscles next to the scapulae on the back)
Pectoral press
Shoulder fly
Shoulder lift
Bicep curl
Tricep extensor
Leg lifts
Back extensor

I also did 50 stomach crunches (I hurt my tail bone about a week ago and full situps hurt too much still, so only crunches for now) and 100 pushups.

After, I ran back home from the gym. I didn’t time this run as I was a little tired already and wasn’t trying to push it. I just felt like running back instead of walking.

Thursday, October 13

I went for a run before going to the do jang. I decided to run to Church and Bloor and then back the same way. The distance was one mile (or a little under, it feels a little less). My time was 7 minutes 48 seconds (again, subtracting wait time at the traffic lights).

After I got home, I headed out to the do jang for sword class. Sword class was good, but my knee was feeling tired and shaky for some reason (a once a month woman thing!), so I decided to not take taekwondo. I ended up going home and resting for Friday.

Friday, October 14

I decided to skip the running and just went to the do jang for gumdo class. Next Friday is a test for gumdo and I’m trying to decide if I’m going to test for my orange belt. I was thinking of waiting until December (gumdo test is every two months), but that’s going to be a busy month. So, I might test this month for my orange belt. The class was good. We practiced some candle snuffing. My patterns are getting better. I’ll need to think about them all this week if I decide to test on Friday.

Today (October 15)

We had our monthly black belt meeting and training class. It was small. So many people away for some reason. We did a run-through of our patterns and then got to practice kicks on our own. Then we had a chance to work on what we wanted to do for the black belt demo in December. I’ll need to put together the stuff I plan on doing. I also want to do women’s self-defense, so I will have to get the people together to practice that. I need 5 men to volunteer to be “thugs”, otherwise I’ll have to ask some if they have break fall experience and won’t mind doing the demo. The black belt meeting went well. It seems that with a smaller turnout, there’s less debate. 😀

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