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Survivor and Hockey are back

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Okay, I swore I wasn’t going to watch anymore Survivor (instead I was hankering for some hockey action). Aside from the challenges, there really isn’t anything that interesting about a bunch of strangers stranded together. If anything, I found most Survivor players to be a little… well, I guess flakey is too harsh a word, but I’m lacking the right word.

Out of curiosity though, I decided to watch the first episode of this season’s Survivor in Guatemala. Of course, they decided to pull a twist in the very first episode in classic Survivor fashion with a little bit of the unexpected. The unexpected, in case you hadn’t heard yet, was the return of Stephenie LaGrossa and Bobby Jon Drinkard to the game of Survivor (yes, the last two Survivors of the demolished Ulong tribe on Survivor Palau). Stephenie was the only survivor of her tribe defeating Bobby Jon in an individual challenge, but couldn’t break through tight alliances in the merged tribe to make it to final two with Tom Westman. Now she’s back for another attempt to win a million bucks. (Please see my review of last season’s Survivor.) So far, she’s doing better this time trying to hold her team together and hoping they don’t get demolished like last time. As for me, I’m hoping the best for her (not that I don’t like Bobby Jon who’s on the opposing tribe as her). Up to now, no one’s thinking of voting her off and she’s managed to get rid of some of her female competition (who frankly weren’t doing much in challenges anyway), so we’ll see if she really has control of the game. Still a long way to a merge. I can’t wait to see what happens. Go, Stephenie, go! You have my vote for the million bucks (since I can’t vote for myself anyway).

Did I mention hockey? Hm… I suppose I did. Yes, it has been a long time since I’ve watched hockey. I did watch the double gold win for Canada in the olympics and since then have missed watching the great game of hockey like I did when I was younger. It was disappointing to find out last year that the NHL season was postponed and eventually cancelled (first time to happen in a professional sport). In some way though, it makes the anticipation this season greater. So yay! Hockey’s back!! Go, Leafs, Go!

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