Gumdo test – orange belt

I decided to test for my next gumdo belt this Friday. I figured I know the stuff well enough so far and it’s time to learn some new stuff soon. Also, the next test will be in December and I’d rather not have to test then as there is so much going on in December. So, here’s wishing myself luck on Friday. Tonight, I have to practice some candle snuffing – not sure if I can do it in less than 15 tries – and I might as well go through my sword patterns too. There’s still Thursday and Friday to practice though. There’s class on Friday before the test. I find that helps get me focussed for the test.

Hm… with everything going on lately. No wonder I couldn’t sleep through the night. I can’t believe I’m up so early again. It’s weird. My body is physically tired, but my brain isn’t. Too much to do I guess. Maybe some light reading or some divination or some Reiki will help. Okay, Dreaming Goddess of Malta, need some help here…

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