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Street running (October 19) and gumdo practice

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Nathan and I went for a run to Yonge and Bloor using our previous route for a mile run. We got there in 10 minutes. Subtracting the wait at the traffic lights, it took us 8 minutes 33 seconds. This is a good pace so far. A 10 km run would be done in less than an hour if this pace was maintained. After a break at Yonge andBloor, we decided to run back making the total distance ran 1.5 miles. We ran from Bloor Street and Park Road to home (half mile) in 4 minutes 47 seconds. A little slow, but we already ran 1 mile so I expected to slow down. Overall, we ran a total of 1.5 miles today which is good. I should be able to run 1.5 miles non-stop soon. Eventually I should be able to pick up the speed for that once I get used to running 1.5 miles fairly often.

I’m happy so far. A 10 km run is starting to look easier each passing day, even on days like today when I’m feeling too lethargic to run. 🙂 Honestly, if Nathan didn’t decide to run with me today I might have stayed home. I was feeling that lethargic! I normally push myself to exercise, unless I just have too much to do. Frankly though, nothing is more important than keeping fit and healthy.

After we got home, I practiced some candle snuffing for the gumdo test on Friday. I decided to test for orange belt, so thought I should practice at least once before the test. I practiced on two candles at first because I figured if I practice on two candles it will make trying to snuff one candle a little easier. It was. I’m starting to get that “feel” of the sword cut. You can tell the difference between a cut that is good and one that isn’t. I think I snuffed the candle out in 15 or less tries, which is what I wanted. Hopefully I can do that again on Friday. Wish me luck and relaxed arms.

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