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I got my orange belt in gumdo!

What else is there to say? I passed. I did my duelling techniques, patterns, and candle snuffing. Well, there’s also a terminology test too. Phew. I got some of the easier questions.

Though I was not over-anxious about the test (I knew I would pass), I was a little nervous. After all those years of doing taekwondo tests, this is more nerve wracking for some reason. I think it’s probably because there’s less people testing compared to the taekwondo tests I’ve had before. Or maybe I just don’t recall being so nervous as a beginner in taekwondo. It probably wasn’t until I was an intermediate belt that I began to be more relaxed during those tests. Hopefully, I’ll relax more once I get to the higher levels in gumdo too.

I did manage to snuff out the candle again. Yay! This time in considerably less tries. It seems I’m improving on my cuts – getting more control over the power of the strike. The next challenge is snuffing out two candles at once, so that’s something to look forward to along with new forms to learn.

For now though, I guess I should just be happy with doing well on the test (and getting to learn more new stuff). Nathan said I did very well, so I’ll take his word for it. 😀

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