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Countdown to 10k and Black Belt Test – 11 weeks 1 day

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I managed to get to the do jang Thursday for gumdo and taekwondo class. I was tired though. I got about four hours sleep. Since it was Thursday, we did a load of speed kicking for taekwondo. My legs felt so heavy for some reason. Probably just recovering from all the exercise this week. Ah… I remember now, it used to be like that when I was at the height of my crazy taekwondo training. I used to train Monday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. By Thursday, my legs always felt heavy, and then sometimes I would take sparring class on Friday. Strange though, because I don’t think I’m as slow as I feel on those days. Anyway, I did gumdo class first, then taekwondo, and about 40 minutes into the taekwondo crazy kicking class, I was starting to feel light-headed. Not good. So okay, while the Master is explaining our next drill, I just kneel down to the ground for a bit to let the blood flow back to my head. I still wonder how I managed to get through that class with only four hours of sleep – and after gumdo class too!

Tomorrow… er, tonight I guess, since it’s around 5 a.m. now, is my gumdo test for green belt. Yay! I get to learn new stuff after I test – that is always good motivation to test. Though, I think people should only test when they feel ready and when they know their stuff well enough. Well, it’s been six months since my last gumdo test, and I have been practicing off and on, so I think it’s about time. I just really hope I can snuff out two candles with my sword.

I suppose I should get some sleep now.

And yes, 11 weeks 1 day until I have to run 10k and test for my second dan. Time is a-ticking.

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