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New TV and Training Upate – May 1, 2006


I bought a new TV on Thursday and spent most of the weekend enjoying the LCD screen – TV just looks much more pretty, even the boring shows. Ah, well, wasted no time in renting some good movies to watch on it – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and King Kong.

So, I took some days off of training and just relaxed a bit – also did a little bit of cleaning up. Would you believe it took me nearly half a day to copy some files from about a hundred 3.5 inch diskettes? Damn! Anyway, that is done and now I have about a hundred old, but usable diskettes to give away to Goodwill or anyone who wants them.

After the weekend, I was itching for a run. I ended up running a good mile and a half yesterday (Monday, May 1). My time was 12 minutes 33 seconds.

Today, I making myself go to gumdo and taekwondo class. Need to get out of the apartment today.

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