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A Crazy Life – Chaos Abounds


Life has been crazy the past two and a half weeks. My mother decided that it is time for her to sell her house that she’s been living in for 31 years. The past few weeks I’ve been running back and forth to her house to help clean up and fix it up a bit. Well, I’m glad to say the craziness of it all is over. I just have to sit back now and wait for the offers to buy to come in. Speaking of which, I suppose I should post some information about the house for those interested in purchasing a home.

The house is located in the quaint, quiet Riverdale community of Toronto East. Those who enjoy convenience of living in the city will be interested in this house as it is a short walk to the subway and an even shorter walk to catch a bus. It is a solid brick house originally built in 1915 that has been carefully maintained over the years. The original structure of the house remains intact, and there is a wonderful addition to the back. The house offers a beautiful garden in the front and back. For the green thumbs, the soil is excellent for growing herbs, fruits, vegetables, and flowers. (There was once an apple tree, but it was blown down by fierce winds when I was young.) The house has a modern kitchen and bathrooms (one main bathroom, two powder rooms) while retaining much of its early 20th century design in the windows frames, doors, main staircase, floorboards, and electric fireplace.

Located only 30 minutes from downtown Toronto by public transit and maintaining an early 20th century design, this house is one of the more unique on the market. They do not build houses in Toronto like this anymore! If it is your dream to have a quiet home in the city, don’t pass up the chance to own this house.

The open house is taking place this weekend:

Saturday, September 9 from 1 to 5 p.m.
Sunday, September 10 from 1 to 5 p.m.

For more information, please visit:

Bosley Real Estate listing for 33 Hunter Street

Bosley Real Estate open house information for 33 Hunter Street
Agent Karen Trimble website information for 33 Hunter Street

Please note that if you are seriously interested in purchasing, I am required by contract to refer you to my family’s real estate agent Karen Trimble. You may, of course, have your own real estate agent contact Karen Trimble. Please do not contact me regarding the purchase of this house.

You will find Karen Trimble’s contact information on her website linked above.

Okay, so enough about selling a house.

Meanwhile, my friends Dave and Jaime finally tied the knot – literally. (Congrats, Dave and Jaime, who are probably, as I type, enjoying the sun in beautiful Panama.) Since they are Wiccans, they had a Handfasting (they had their Betrothal last year). Simply defined, a Handfasting is a Wiccan wedding. The reason it is called a Handfasting is because yes… they literally have their hands tied to each other. This is done with a cord made specially for the Handfasting. Now, this is not some kinky S&M practice (get your minds out of the gutter people, please?). Having their hands tied together symbolically represents the union these two have decided to enter into. It represents the bonding the two share with each other. While they are still tied together, the couple being Handfasted has to pass over/by a small fire and jump over a ritual broom (called a besom by Wiccans). The ease by which they accomplish these two tasks together will indicate the ease of their relationship, that is, how well they will get through things in life together. (At this point, you’re supposed to say “aw….”) This was all done within a ritual context, of course, since it’s a Wiccan practice. The ritual was quite beautiful and interesting. There is something to be said about being wedded outdoors in front of the gods rather than in a stuffy church in front of some old dude. (Although there was an old dude at my friends’ Handfasting to make their marriage legal, he was far from the typical church old dude. Kudos to one of the coolest Ministers I’ve met!) Anyway, my friends had their Handfasting the week of my craziness with fixing up a house, and I got to attend and participate.

Then, I heard of a great opportunity for something that I’ve been wanting to do, and I jumped at it. Of course, that involved some anxiety… waiting is always nerve-wrecking. In any case, I received some happy news, and now I’m looking forward to a very interesting year ahead of me starting Sunday, September 17th. I’ll post some more information on what this is later, but for now I’d like to keep this a secret.

Tied into this great opportunity, I’m happy to say that I’m moving along with my Wicca studies. I have a few more things to do in the next three weeks or so and then something special is at the end for me… I hope, I hope. I was told to cross a date off my calendar. So there! I’m not available October 21. I’ve warned you all in advance.

Because of all the craziness with my mother’s house, I have not had a chance to get back to taekwondo since I picked up my certificate. 🙁 I really was not planning on taking so much time off. I was just about to go back after being away for more than a month when I got caught up with selling my mother’s house. I’ve missed three weeks at the gym, and as I indicated, more at the do jang. At the least, I’ve managed to get some exercise by running on the days when I had some time. I pretty much spent most of the past three weeks at my mother’s, the whole day each time. Definitely no time for running, the gym, or the do jang, never mind writing on a blog. So, of course now, I’m missing taekwondo like crazy, and the gym, but I have too much work to catch up on now. This brings me to…

Reiki. I was about to settle down and finish writing my Reiki Two Manual, then all the craziness started. I get a call from my do jang, but I have to help out my mother’s house and try to do some of my own work and try to get some rest in between. Then in the midst of all that, other things have happened. Sucks to be me sometimes, I guess. But… *shrug* life is good for the most part. Aside from selling my mother’s house, I like my life, and I like what I do with it. So, my dear readers and those especially interested in reiki, I have not forgotten. I’ve only been delayed by… life. I think the gods like to test me every so often, and they throw things in my way. Is that Loki or Eris I hear laughing? Haha… glad you enjoyed my performance. Thus, I have to push back my own personal deadline of getting classes started by the autumn equinox on September 23, in just over two weeks. I’m definitely not going to make that deadline. My new deadline is Samhain (Hallowe’en to you non-magical folk). Hopefully that should give me enough time to finish writing my Reiki Two Manual and get my materials together for teaching. *Knock on wood*

Okay, I think that about sums up my two to three weeks of chaos ruling my life. Now, I think I can breathe again.

Your local webmistress (who will be back to writing on a regular basis)
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