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Fight Science is now available


As a follow-up to my previous blog entry on Fight Science, this martial arts documentary is now available on torrent for download. (Check

If you watch the documentary, I think it’s worth noting that the amount of power generated by the small kung fu guy is comparable to the power generated by the larger boxer. The numbers didn’t adjust for differences in body size. Since it happens to be my specialty, I’d like to note that taekwondo takes its punching techniques from boxing, modifying it only slightly (a lower guard to include the torso and a less open stance).

If I were to summarize the documentary, I would say that all martial arts can be just as effective and deadly. A truly effective martial artist would have at their disposal a variety of skills and techniques that can be used for individual situations. Thus, a warrior’s greatest asset is their brain, which gives them their ability to think, analyze, and react in time.

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