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My Survivor Finale Predictions

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This season of Survivor is almost over. It’s down to the final five and after tonight’s episode only the three-hour finale is left. After giving it some thought and thinking about what has gone down this season, here’s my prediction for final three – Stephenie, Rafe, and Cindy. Lydia and Danni will be voted out next in some order. For the final two, I’d have to say Rafe is a shoe-in. Sad to say, I doubt Stephenie will win the million dollars, but surprises have been known to happen (such as Gary finding the hidden immunity idol and Danni winning immunity just when she needed it).

This is what I think will happen when it comes down to final three. There will be the one final immunity challenge to get to final two as always. If Rafe wins and goes final two, I’m not sure who he’ll pick to go with him though. If he picks Cindy, it might be toss up at the final tribal council vote. If he picks Stephenie, I think Rafe has a better chance of winning considering the four guys sitting on the jury right now are a little annoyed with Stephenie. If either Stephenie or Cindy win the final immunity, I think Rafe will likely go to final two with either of them. Either way, the final episode will be interesting.

Now, I just watched Stephenie win immunity tonight, so she’s definitely in final four. I’m happy for her. For someone who thought she might just get voted out first this season, she’s now guaranteed final four. Way to go, Stephenie. Good job on the immunity challenge.

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