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Surprise, Surprise! Cindy Voted Out on Tonight’s Survivor

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Just minutes after posting my Survivor predictions, Cindy was voted out of the tribe. Was this simply because she won a car and was a good competitor? Jeff did say winning the car was probably a curse as in ten seasons of Survivor, the one winning the car never won the million dollars.

Okay, so Cindy is out now. The final four are Stephenie, Rafe, Lydia, and Danni. Danni is a threat to Stephenie, Lydia isn’t, but is it really Stephenie pulling the strings? I think it just looks that way. Rafe is making the decisions here and has been for awhile. Stephenie is smart to go along with him and not outwardly oppose him. Chances are likely Lydia is next to go since Rafe seems to like Danni so much (but will Lydia the underdog hang in somehow?). Final three is looking more like Stephenie, Rafe, and Danni. Rafe still is a shoe-in for final two in that case. Danni, if she wins immunity, will no doubt take Rafe to final two since he’s helped her stay alive since the merge. I hope Stephenie makes it to final two. Yes, I’m still rooting for my girl, despite how she’s been portrayed this season due to some sneaky cut and editing from the show producers. Okay, that’s my final predictions for the finale. No doubt Sunday night will be a surprise.

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