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Change is afoot – something new

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In a previous post, I mentioned that a great opportunity came up for me to advance in one of my life goals. This relates to my Wicca studies at the Wiccan Church of Canada (WCC). At WCC, there is something called a Summoner and a Handmaiden, both of who help the Priesthood in ensuring the ritual runs smoothly with no interruption. The Summoner’s job is basically to protect the High Priestess from any physical harm and to be head of security. The Handmaiden’s job is to set up the ritual space and ensure that the performance of the circle is carried out smoothly. The Summoner stands guard outside the ritual. Normally, the Handmaiden position is held by a woman and the Summoner position is held by a man. This year, the best candidate for the Handmaiden position was a male, so they required a female Summoner (for the purposes of retaining the appearance of male and female polarity in a ritual context). I’m pleased and honoured to say that I have been given the opportunity to hold the Summoner position!

This is something I’ve always wanted to do for my community. I’ve been hoping for the opportunity, and now it is here. My installation ritual was last Sunday (September 17) and my term has officially started. This, however, means that I have to be at ritual every Sunday night. That is a big commitment, but one I was willing to take. I’m hoping that the year will be a positive experience for both myself and the community as a whole (there may be some people who aren’t receptive to having a woman act as Summoner). I’m relying on my experience in martial arts to help me not only in the act of defense, if required, but also in dealing with men’s preconceptions of a woman’s capabilities. I’m hoping that my experience teaching and training in martial arts will give me the ability to read people accurately and to judge their motives. The Summoner role requires someone who can welcome new people to the community (i.e, be a good PR person) as well as someone who can protect the community. It’s a big challenge and one I’m looking forward to overcoming.

Unfortunately, this new commitment means I may have to put some things on the back burner for about a year. I’m hoping this won’t be the case, but I’m trying not to burn out. Aside from the public ritual at WCC, I’m also part of three other Wiccan groups – two of which are important to my studies, the third is fairly important, but isn’t a commitment right now. Combining that with martial arts and reiki, it will be a very busy year ahead. *sigh* Someday, I will be able to combine all this in my life. This is just what I get for having too many interests (though they are all part of my own spiritual path).

So that is what is new with me. Another thing that might be new in the upcoming weeks is more focus on spiritual topics on my blog. If you only have a vague understanding of paganism and Wicca, you may not quite follow what is going on, but I will endeavour to explain things as best I can without having to resort to a “Beginner’s Guide to Paganism/Wicca” (though I know there are books out there like that).

That’s about it for now. I have lots of work to do still, but it is getting late. I need to make sure I get proper rest.

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  1. Hey Cass!
    Congrats again. Good luck this year. I loved my year as Handmaiden.
    I am curious what groups you are in..I know 2, the one I am in with you and the Women’s one at T’s what is the third?

    See you soon, hope to see you and Nathan out at events such as Erinhlits and Devyn’s party (its’ also Steve’s gf Mary’s bday that day) also at the Witches ball.

    Take Care


    Comment by Jaime — 2006/09/25 @ 17:16

  2. Heya,

    I should see you at our next group. Not sure if I can attend so many parties in the next month… hehe.

    Anyway, the third group is my teacher’s group – T.T.W.G.! It is being run like Sistrum now, invitational. I think you’ve been before…?



    Comment by fey Morgaina — 2006/09/26 @ 18:51

  3. […] The women’s group had their changeover this week, which is the installation ceremony for the Gatekeeper (aka Summoner), Handmaiden, and Bard. This is always a lovely ritual as it honours those who have willingly given in service for the past year and those who are stepping into service for the upcoming year. A ceremony like this is often important so people don’t forget how important they are to others. The three ladies did do a wonderful job the past year, and I expect that will continue in the new year. […]

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  4. […] I decided to be Summoner for the Toronto Temple of the WCC. (See previous blog entry entitled, “Change is Afoot – Something New”.) Make no mistake, I did it because there was a need for it, and I felt I could fulfill that need. […]

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