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The past month has been quiet for me, at least concerning rituals. I’ve been in study mode mostly – you may have noticed less frantic posting as of late. 😉 Eventually, my brain just fills up again with too much and I have to start writing again!

Since February 18th was Chinese New Year’s and I also had to be out of the city that day, I had the night off as Summoner. (I just wouldn’t have made it back in time to get to the temple.)

Ritual on the 25th of February was based on the Roman festival, Lupercalia.

Ritual on March 4th was a simple ritual calling on the goddess and god and providing participants a chance to connect with whichever deity they normally associate with. As of late, there has been many rituals that are based on something more complex – perhaps a bit too intellectual too often for some. Sometimes, it’s nice to do something simple. I thought though that the ritual was nice just for that alone because as a participant you get a more personal feel in ritual.

The women’s group had their changeover this week, which is the installation ceremony for the Gatekeeper (aka Summoner), Handmaiden, and Bard. This is always a lovely ritual as it honours those who have willingly given in service for the past year and those who are stepping into service for the upcoming year. A ceremony like this is often important so people don’t forget how important they are to others. The three ladies did do a wonderful job the past year, and I expect that will continue in the new year.

As for me, I’m about halfway through my term as Summoner. It’s been good so far, I’m happy to say. I love being the first “Stick Chick” for the Toronto Temple – it’s a big honour. I actually can’t wait to be out in the park in the spring and summer (we go out in the park starting on Beltane in late April or early May, depending on which Sunday it falls), but my counterpart, the Hand, hopes it’ll rain every Sunday in the spring and summer! On rain days, we hold ritual inside instead. Frankly that would make my job too easy, as part of the challenge for me is to be out in the park at night standing guard alone. I think most people in today’s society grow up afraid of the park at night – kind of like wandering into the woods at night like in those horror movies. 😀 Well, it’s just a park, and in the summer it’s still light when we arrive there. Walking out of the park at night isn’t as terrifying as walking in there at night! In any case, we have a policy that no one shall leave the park alone at night. Since I normally walk into the park, I’ll shall accompany anyone out of it after ritual.

Cassandrah (“Stick Chick”)
Brigid’s Flame

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