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Dedication Fast

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I’m onto the “no solids” part of my gradually fast. So far not so bad, I can still have soup. Yesterday, I had a tomato, feta, and olive salad, some hummus, and some pistachios. Damn tiring trying to fill up on nuts (don’t know how squirrels do it, but then again might be how they keep a figure… hehe). Soon enough it was 7 p.m. again and now I can only have liquids. Ended up being slightly hungry around 10-ish and dug into the cupboards. Found two packages of cup-a-soup – mushroom (yum!) Had that and drank some more tea.

Later last night, I had a sage tea and took a hot bath. Didn’t feel particularly sweaty as some people claim, but did wake up with a full bladder. Hm… instead of sweating out the toxins, my body decided to… well, you can guess. Not so bad though. I thought maybe the effect of sage might be worse. I only had two leaves though and didn’t ingest them. The effects might be alot stronger if the leaves were eaten or maybe I could have put more leaves in the tea.

Today is continuing with the liquids part of the fast. I can still have soup, so thinking of picking up some tomato soup and some chicken broth. Tonight, at 7 p.m., I drop down to clear liquids only which means no juice, no soy milk, no soup (except clear broth) . I can only have clear broth, herbal teas, and water – until tomorrow night. The ritual is scheduled for 7 p.m., but I won’t be able to eat until afterwards. So, I’m definitely fasting for longer than 24 hours.

Well, now, time to go get some soup. I guess I can fill up my stomach on liquids. So far, this isn’t so bad. Just wish I can make a smoothie with some seafood.

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