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Dedication Night

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Okay, I’ve been on clear liquids since last night 7 p.m. and already I can’t wait for some nice food. I keep thinking of seafood pasta with tomato vodka sauce or souvlaki with tzatziki or pad thai noodles with peanut sauce or possibly shrimp and chicken teriyaki. Then there’s always a nice juicy steak or hamburger.

Well, for now I’m going to have some chicken broth. It’s mostly water really, but at least it’s hot and has some taste. I probably would get more nutrients out of some tea though. So, lots of herbal tea today.

Okay, well going to stop thinking about food for now.

Looking forward to tonight. I’ve got my robe. It’s pretty, to say the least, which makes me very happy. 😀

Still thinking about what my answers will be tonight. If I recall, there are 5 questions I have to answer. Been thinking about this for awhile, so I should be okay. Then there’s also the naming part. I get a craft name! Yay! Wondering what it will be? I’m definitely in for a big surprise. Whatever the name is, I hope I like it. And if not, hopefully it’s suitable in a good way.

Well, chicken broth is calling my name now and Buffy is almost on TV.

Later and BB,
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