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Taekwondo meeting

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I went to the do jang this past Saturday for a black belt meeting. Afterwards, I practiced some patterns and the one-step sparring techniques. It’s been a while. I’ve been missing the do jang. The past two weeks have been one thing after another. Last week, I was a little tired and stressed so I was at home pretty much absorbing myself in something relaxing and amusing. In any case, I have to go in this week. Maybe I can get in the do jang later tonight (class is at 7), and I promised to go in tomorrow. Probably would be good for me. It helps with the stress.

Lately though, it seems that Monday and Tuesday are my weekend days. Sunday nights are so busy and sometimes crazy, I like to have Monday to relax. Good thing I have a flexible schedule. Nice to not have to work for someone. Then on Tuesdays, I can try to get things organized in my head again. LOL Okay, back to organizing my thoughts. Hoping, hoping to get in the do jang tonight if I can.

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Reminder – Reiki Level One course this Saturday (May 5)

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Last chance to register for this course in May.

Two days, twelve hours
Saturday, May 5, 2007
9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

(one-hour lunch break at 1 p.m.)
Monday, May 7, 2007
6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Please see for course description and contact information. You will need to contact me for fees and location (located near Yonge and Bloor).

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Recent rituals in April

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I ended up writing and performing the last ritual for my group. Two of our members were moving away, so I wrote a little ritual for them. It involved giving them some tokens as blessings to take with them, as well as talking about how we met them or what we remember most about them (fun!)

The ritual for the women’s group was a dedication ritual for a wonderful woman. I love watching the dedication ritual – almost want another one myself! Ah, I just have to get a hold of the ritual so I can read over the meditation again. I just think it’s a great reminder of why I got dedicated to the gods to begin with.

Public ritual on April 22 was the “Ceremony of the Magical Eucharist” by the OTA as mentioned in my previous post. The ritual format was significantly different than Wiccan rituals, but some aspects were the same. If you know your history of Wicca, you will recall that Gerald Gardner based many of his rituals on the Golden Dawn and other ceremonial magical traditions. The bare essentials of opening, purifying, consecrating, and then closing ritual space was done. This was done using the OTA methods, which are based on the Solomonic and Golden Dawn Tradition. The following ritual outline, which the OTA calls a “ritual precis”, was handed out that night to inform people of what to expect (I’ve highlighted in bold the main part of the ritual):

Preliminary Preparations
OTA Standard Temple opening on the Outer Plane:

  • Proclamation and Traditional Questions
  • Qabalistic Cross Ritual
  • Lighting of the Quarters
  • Rite of Preparation
  • Rite of Purification and Consecration
  • Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram

Statement of Ritual Intention
Celebration of the Magical Eucharist
OTA Standard Temple Closing on the Outer Plane

I note that they had a specific method and order in which they perform each section of the ritual. The “Qabalistic Cross Ritual” and the “Lighting of the Quarters” was particularly interesting. The ceremony of that alone is worth researching into. The “Rite of Purification and Consecration” was fairly close to the Wiccan standard purification and consecration. Involves essentially bringing the elemental tools around the circle intending that the sacred space be purified. Consecration was done after that in the east quarter. The “Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram” comes from the Golden Dawn, and a comparison with the Golden Dawn could be made. The main part of the ritual included sharing the wine in the chalice. Overall, it was quite interesting to watch. It reminds me that I have to get a copy of the Golden Dawn book published by Llewellyn.

Public Beltane was this past Sunday (although Beltane is officially today, May 1st). It being one of the more popular sabbats (the most popular undoubtedly being Samhain) attracted more people to come to the ritual in the park. It was a good crowd. Unfortunately, Beltane is also the sabbat where afterwards people tend to get a little more silly, a little more rowdy, and occasionally a little easier to upset. What’s a party if you don’t have to stop an argument/fight from happening? Ah well, that’s what the Summoner is for, and that’s what I had to do. Glad I had some help though. It’s hard to stop a bull charging (not literally, of course) much less hold one down. I suppose I’m not surprised that happened. My whole Sunday was a really bad day – things kept going wrong right from when I woke up. I decided I must have a Beltane curse because I’ve never had a great one. I think I must avoid Beltane at all costs unless I absolutely have to be there. It must be a side effect of having a patron goddess who is associated with Samhain (the sabbat directly opposite to Beltane). Beltane is just not her time, and she must have been flying around all night (it was a beautiful night, waxing moon out) screeching and wrecking havoc. *chuckle* I think she’s calmed down now though.

Anyway, that was my first full night as Summoner in the park. It’s always Beltane that’s the first night out (unless it rains, and then you’re a lucky Summoner). Hopefully, the rest of the rituals in the park will be much easier. It really is only on Beltane that people stay around to celebrate after the ritual (though technically the celebration is part of the Beltane ritual). Okay, knocking on wood with my fingers crossed. Only two sabbats left that will be out in the park and the rest are regular ritual nights. In another month or so, I will have to start looking for the next Summoner to succeed me. *sigh* The final decision lies with Priesthood, but I still have to provide a list of candidates.

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