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Do jang day

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I went to taekwondo today. I missed my gumdo class so I just practiced some sword patterns after class. However, my tail bone is still a bit sore, so I called it the day and went home. Tomorrow, I think I will go for a run.

I’m glad I went to class today though. My knee hurts a bit in class but seems to feel better after. Strange, but that’s the way it is.

Not much else to say so be back later.

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Running and do jang day

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I went for another run yesterday (October 5) – this time I ran to Yonge/Bloor.

Here’s the route I took:

1. From home, run to Jarvis and Isabella
2. Run north on Jarvis to Charles
3. Run west on Charles to Church
4. Run north on Church to Yonge.
5. Run south on Yonge to the entrance to the concourse at Yonge/Bloor.

My time for the run was 9 minutes 3 seconds. The distance was 1 mile. This run felt a little longer than the one I did on Tuesday. I calculate the distances using maps, but I think it rounds up when the distance is less than 0.1 km. Suffice it to say it does not give an accurate distance all the time. This is why I feel it’s important to do track work as well – it’s a little more accurate. Four laps is 1 mile at the track (1.6 km). The other major difference is that on the track I don’t have to worry about making the traffic lights. The extra time waiting for the light to change really adds on time. I’ll probably have to track how long the wait is at the lights to get a more accurate time. Overall though, I feel my running is improving even just marginally. I still have to increase the speed for this run though. I can do half mile in 4 minutes 16 seconds so I’m hoping to be able to do a mile in about 8 minutes 45 seconds. Then of course there’s working on endurance. I still have 8 months left to the 10k. In December, I will have a chance to do a practice 10k as there is a black belt test then (but I’m not testing yet). Black belts not testing are encouraged to volunteer run to help motivate those testing.

After I got back from my run (walked back from Yonge/Bloor), I headed to the do jang. I went to the patterns class and helped teach again. Then I took the taekwondo class. Afterwards, I practiced my patterns. 8 p.m. on Wednesday is scheduled for a black belt class and since hardly anyone takes the class, I try to use the time to practice some stuff we don’t get to do in class much. I had a good class though. The cardio is always good for me.

Today is gumdo day and I probably should take taekwondo after too. The do jang is closed Friday until Monday for Thanksgiving long weekend. 🙁 I guess I’ll have to be happy with going to the gym on the weekend. Funny, every time I think about going to the do jang on the weekends, it’s closed. Go figure! But I guess also I could use the time to do some more work. I have some projects on the go (as always, silly Gemini rising) so more free time is always a nice thing. 🙂

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