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Street Running – October 16

I went for another run. Nathan wanted to go for a run and though I was feeling lazy, I decided to run after all. We ran to Yonge/Bloor using the same route as on the 10th. Our time was 9 minutes 10 seconds. A little shorter than before. I’m not sure the exact time because we had a few short stops at the traffic lights and I think I didn’t press the lap timer properly on my phone (my phone has a stopwatch :)). Not quite sure if we were running faster or not. Overall though I wasn’t too tired from the run and it’s starting to feel like just a little warm-up. Have to keep it up. I’ll try to run again tomorrow if there’s time.

Right now, it is late and I still have loads to do. I keep telling myself one thing at a time, so I don’t get so anxious about the things I need to do. So, signing off now. It’s time to see what the Maltese Dreaming Goddess has for me.

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