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Street running (October 10)

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I went for another 1 mile run on Monday night (October 10). Nathan accompanied me. It was basically the same route I did on Wednesday (October 5), except this time we ran straight to Church and up Church to Yonge. Then we ran down Yonge to Bloor. I was running a little slow having had too many days of rest, but the run still felt good. My time on Monday was 9 minutes 30 seconds.

I’m finding that the cool weather is starting to affect me a little. My head gets too cold when running even though my body is quite warm. So I’m thinking I’m going to have to wear a hat when running now.

Tomorrow I hope to do some more running. This time of year is always a little hard on me – I tend to want to hibernate! So, it’s been hard for me to get out as much as I’d like to and run. I just have to keep reminding myself that the run is good for me and gets me energized. I think I need to post reminder notes for myself for when I wake up.

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