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Newly Neophyted!

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I got home last night around 9:30 p.m. Yay, I could eat again! Nathan was making chili. As it was not done cooking yet, I had some leftovers and then some chili a little later. It was yummy. I didn’t eat much as usually it is best to take it slow with the food after a fast. I ended up falling asleep early and waking up today at 3 a.m.

Last night was my Neophyting. For this I had to fast for 24 hours prior to it. Although I cannot describe the Neophyting on here, I will say that the fast added to the experience of it. It did make it easier for me to trance out. Unfortunately, this made my brain blank out a few times during the Neophyting! At least I didn’t pass out and end up on the floor. I’m finally a Neophyte.

“What’s a Neophyte?” In the Odyssean tradition of Wicca, a Neophyte is a student of the tradition who can perform practical and some magical aspects of ritual. A Neophyte is capable of leading a ritual under guidance of a teacher (Priest or Priestess). A Neophyte has learned the basics of Wicca. Essentially, “neophyte” means “novice”. A Neophyte isn’t a true beginner as a Neophyte has some knowledge of Wicca. To be a Neophyte is to take the first step towards reaching Priesthood by making a commitment. To be a Neophyte also means that the student has taken their first oaths to the deities of Wicca. After becoming a Neophyte, advanced work must be done before the student can become part of Priesthood.

The Odyssean tradition of Wicca, the tradition of the Wiccan Church of Canada (WCC), is a unique tradition in that there is a neophyte stage. Most covens do not have this stage. A Neophyte in the Odyssean tradition generally meets the requirements of first degree Priesthood in other traditions and private covens. The reason for this is simply because the WCC is a public church and its Priesthood must deal with the public. Priesthood of private covens do not generally have to deal with the public – they may choose to, but they are not public clergy. A consequence of the WCC being a public church is that the training must be stricter. This will allow students to develop not only the traditional training needed to lead rituals, but also to be part of a public clergy. Additionally, many people would seek out the WCC because they seek power. Having stricter training weeds out those who seek power because they generally would not be patient enough to go through the long training required. Also, I suspect the additional time required gives the teacher time to adequately judge if the student has these ulterior motives for joining Priesthood. (For more information about this, please read A Brief History of the WCC and the Odyssean Tradition.)

So, I’m finally a Neophyte. I’m sure many of friends and acquaintances will probably say “About time!” seeing as I’ve been a member of the WCC for about as long as I’ve been doing taekwondo (and I have a second dan black belt now). However, I needed to be sure I wanted to make this commitment. I was already committed to the gods, but being committed to a public church is a whole other story. There is a lot of work involved even once a student reaches Priesthood. However, I’m happy. It is something I needed to do. Of course, there is more work to do to reach Priesthood (my teacher promises to give me some soon). I suspect it’s somewhat more interesting work. Additionally, I’m now officially qualified to teach a public class at WCC if I wish to volunteer. 🙂

Life is getting interesting.

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Running Days – October 7 and 9, 2006

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I went for a two-mile run on Saturday, October 7. I was missing my running again. The two-mile run was hard. My time has slowed down a bit since I have not been able to keep up with the running recently. (I blame it on the bad weather in September. It was cold and dark. October so far seems to be warmer and brighter.) The time for my first mile was 9 minutes 6 seconds, more than a minute too slow. The time for the second mile was 9 minutes 4 seconds. My total time was 18 minutes 10 seconds for two miles.

I tried to do another run on Monday, October 9, but I was a little dehydrated and made the mistake of drinking water right before my run. I ended up with cramps at three-quarter of a mile. I basically spent about 17 minutes walking and running a mile and a half route. I didn’t track the time well for this run since I cramped and ended up walking so much. I just gave up on the time and focused on getting the exercise instead. After I was almost home, I managed a sprint. It took that much walking to get rid of the slight cramps.

I plan on getting some more running in this week if I can. Between taekwondo, the gym, and running, it’s a wonder I can stay awake and get things done. I need to increase the amount of running and the distance I run soon because the 10k run at my do jang is on November 3. I have to at least get up to a 5 km (3.25 miles) run. I have to run 5 km at least twice to be ready for the 10k run again.

Okay, it’s raining right now and I’ve been up since 3 a.m. – I think it’s time I get some more food and some rest.

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Quiz Time Again – Which Religion is Right for You?

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Paganism! As if there was any doubt in my mind!

You scored as Paganism. Your beliefs are most closely aligned with those of paganism, Wicca, or a similar earth-based religion. You may also follow a Native American religion.



















Which religion is the right one for you? (new version)
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Overall, not surprising to me, except for Satanism. Must be my alternate universe “evil Cass” answering sometimes. 😉 It’s strange how a person’s opinions can change over time. As a teen, I was repulsed by the Satanic Bible and couldn’t even read more than few pages in it. It seemed to be degrading to people overall (though I suppose I should just read it before I pass final judgment on it). Something about it just seems “off” to me. However, I do think people should be allowed to experience pleasure in their lives as long as you don’t infringe on anyone else’s basic human rights. Maybe that’s where my 83% Satanism is coming from. I highly doubt I could practice it.

I was fascinated by Islam after reading the Biography of Malcolm X and watching the movie. His experiences when he traveled to Mecca were remarkable. It really made me want to go. Unfortunately, non-Muslims are not allowed entry into Mecca. Since I disagree with some important issues in Islam, I could never be Muslim.

Hinduism is fascinating. Like every religion, it has its good points and its bad points. I have some acquaintances who are Hindu and they are quite tolerant people. The mythology is intriguing. I get the sense that some of the deities are quite powerful, though I haven’t had time to explore this pantheon.

I grew up with subtle forms of Buddhism. I still like it. It’s peaceful and tolerant, much like Wicca and paganism. I think for me, Buddhism and Wicca work well together. Buddhism states that “all life is suffering” whereas Wicca tries to appreciate life as much as possible and just accepts the suffering as part of learning, growing and enlightenment. If I were to practice only Buddhism, I think I’d get depressed, but Wicca helps to balance that. (Related blog: Comparing Wicca and Buddhism)

I guess I’m lucky to be practicing a spirituality that suits me best!

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