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I love eggs! Do you love eggs? The Egg Song is Here

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Okay, have to admit it – I love eggs. They have loads of carbs and protein and for someone like me who works out so much sometimes, eggs are the number one food item to have stocked up. (Ask Nathan, I get down to two eggs left and have to run out and buy more.) I never thought anyone loved eggs as much as me until I saw this – Egg Song – on in their February archives. Be careful, the song will get stuck in your head all day long. Eggs, anyone? *crack* (BTW, it’s even funnier in the original Korean!)

Thanks to for the lyrics!

(Eggs… get your eggs here! Fresh and white eggs are here!)
Wiggle, jiggle, yellow middle
That’s the best of what you are `
(I love you, egg!)
White and tender, surround the center
Cozy, sitting in the crackling shell
(I love you)
Vitamins and minerals in you
Oodles of good proteins too
(Oodle doodle)
Popular and perfect and
So complete in every way
(I love you egg, egg!)
Come into my tummy
Oh so very yummy!
Crack, crack, crack, chip-a-chipaway your shell and come to me!
(Get your eggs!)
I love you (fresh eggs)
I love you (white eggs)
Really, really love you so
(Eggs, fresh fresh eggs!)
Eggs, I really love you like the sky above!
(Eggs are the best!)
I love you (fresh eggs)
I love you (white eggs)
Really, really love you so
(Eggs, fresh fresh eggs!)
Three-hundred and sixty-five days
I really love you so!
I really love you so!
(Mmm, yummy!)

And it just occured to me that Ostara is coming… hm… eggs!

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