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The Inquisition and the Burning Times again?! NO! Never again!

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I was searching online to see if Vision TV was going to show this docudrama again about the Inquisition, when I came across someone’s blog about it.

Here’s what this blogger wrote:

Vision TV Airs “Secret Files of the Inquisition”

Despite the fact that reputable historians have debunked the myths and lengends of the Inquisition, Vision TV airing of it 4 part Docu-drama miniseries “Secret Files of the Inquisition” perpetuates the “black legends”…It begins thus:

“It was a reign of terror that would endure for more than 600 years.

At the dawn of the second millennium, the Roman Catholic Church reigned supreme throughout the kingdoms of Europe. But by the 13th century, emerging Christian sects like the Cathars were challenging the Pope’s authority. To counter their influence, the Church unleashed a new weapon: the Inquisition.”

We should not be too surprised as a new wave of questions, concerns, antipathy, or attacks are forthcoming…

“Some scholars say the Inquisition exists to this day, in the form of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, a Vatican office that was headed until recently by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger – now Pope Benedict XVI.”

What we need today is another like Tomas de Torquemada…

The above is from (Note: I do not want to have a trackback link to this blogger. If you want to see the original post, you’ll have to copy and paste the url.)

I quickly posted a response to that blogger’s entry. Here’s what I said:

“What we need today is another like Tomas de Torquemada…”

Why don’t people like you ever learn? Everyone has a fundamental right to follow whatever faith they choose. You cannot prove that one faith is better or worse than another, regardless of any books “written by God”. Gods don’t write books, people do. Your comment above is just sickening. There is nothing glamourous about needlessly killing and murdering innocent people for nothing more than a difference of opinion of beliefs.

Hope you enjoy hell when you get there.

I generally send blessings to people when writing to them, but frankly you don’t deserve any.

Notice that the blogger doesn’t even cite any “reputable historians”. Notice also the defensive stance the blogger takes regarding the docudrama as if he were being personally attacked. Does he actually expect people to believe the Inquisition never happened, like the Nazis claim the holocaust never happened? Sheesh. We don’t need any more Christian warriors or “God warriors” – between Marguerite Perrin and this blogger, I think the world has enough misguided fools. (By the way, Tomas de Torquemada was the Dominican priest who led the Spanish Inquisition. He was considered to be merciless and relentless in his pursuit of whom he considered to be heretics.)

“Can’t we all just get along?”

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